Friday, January 14, 2011

I Take A Shot And Get Blamed For THIS???

Picture this.

You have a shot handed to you.
You put the glass to your mouth.
You tip your head back.

And all hell breaks lose as you close your eyes....
and take your shot.

Next thing you know, The Queen has sent her

Yes, her fucking BLOG LINK
to her kids teacher.

How the FUCK am I to blamed for that shit?!?!?

Now I have a fucking teacher to kill,
an email account to hack and delete,
and a flogging to look forward to.

All because I took a shot 4 seconds after they did.




  1. Better shape up if you want to keep your job!

  2. 4 seconds and all this happens? Hell no!!

  3. Next time I guess you'll go FIRST huh???

    MC- No way... we couldn't get rid of The Man! He's the BEST at what he does!

  4. Dude, stop complaining and do your job. Sheesh. And inform CB that I need an invite to her blog, pronto.