Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Email and A Move

When I said I would be CB's body guard I didn't realize what I was going to go through with her ass. I got an email from her today, a forward from The Wizard, saying that he was in poor health and wanted her to take over Oz.  She told me to pack my bags and sent me out for red nail polish.

Whatever The Queen of Mean says.....

Now I'm waiting for her to come out of the stiletto store, where she and The Princess of Hotness just HAD to stop at for new shoes. They said something about used shoes couldn't touch the floors in the new Palace. Whatever. They just better not come out with new shoes for me.


  1. Now dear... you know very well we HAD to get new stilettos. It wasn't an option.

    I'm so proud of how you handled that rogue flying monkey with the bad attitude about another guard too!!

    You know we get your shoes from that guy with all the snake bones all over! Nothing but the best for The Man!

  2. Congrats but now your hands are even going to more full. Yikes.